Presepe luminoso di Mario Andreoli a Manarola

Sabato 8 dicembre 2018 inaugurazione del Presepe luminoso di Mario Andreoli a Manarola! PROGRAMMA EVENTO ORE 10.30 | Oratorio della Chiesa di San Lorenzo | Decori Verdi per alberi green - LABORATORIO per bambini con il CEA del Parco Cinque Terre. Partecipazione gratuita. Info e prenotazioni e-mail: ORE 14.30-19.30 | Oratorio della Chiesa di San Lorenzo | Annullo...

Landslide in Monterosso

____________________________________________________________ Due to a landslide caused by the rain of recent days the road connecting the historical center and Fegina has been secured. Pedestrian access is allowed from 7.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. only to residents, workers or those who have reserved an accommodation. Alternatively you can use the shuttle bus service at the cost of 2.50 euro (free...

Cinque Terre Walking Park: il calendario di settembre

Il calendario con le escursioni e le visite guidate in progamma di settembre. Con guide esperte alla scoperta del paesaggio. Tra i servizi gratuiti per i possessori della Cinque Terre Card. SETTEMBRE 2018 11 SETTEMBRE – I LIMONI ED I VIGNETI DI MONTEROSSO - LEMONS AND VINEYARDS OF MONTEROSSO TREKKING* A MONTEROSSO/ IN MONTEROSSO - MONTEROSSO CINQUE TERRE POINT...

May 19: 8000 steps through the scent of lemons in Monterosso

The food, wine and culture walk talking you through secret and unique places in Monterosso that tell a story while tasting food and wine along the way. The cost is € 20 per person (adult) 10 € for children 7/12 Under seven is free For information: +39 0187 817506

The lemon - the golden fruit

The lemon – the golden fruit The lemon (Citrus × limon) is a fruit tree within the genus Citrus of the Rutaceae family. Although some genetic studies indicate that the lemon is an ancient hybrid, probably between bitter orange and citron, for centuries it has been an autonomous species propagated by grafting or budding. While the exact origin of this extraordinary fruit is lost...


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