Azienda Agricola

At Cantina Sassarini it is possible to taste local wines. Dangerous, unsafe walls, low walls that support a structure that is unique in the world, low walls that mark the landscape as infinite straight lines, stone walls that speak of the history of the Cinque Terre. The wine is born there, the vineyard is fine there.

Vineyards of Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino, difficult vineyards in a difficult territory. A thousand steps from the sea, a thousand steps from the top of the hills, sweat and stubbornness, fatigue and saltiness.

Basic tasting € 30.00
Tasting with 4 wines and visit to the cellar.
Duration about 1h

Experience tasting € 40.00
Tasting with 4 wines, 1 passito Sciacchetrà and visit to the cellar.
Duration about 1h

Saturday and Sunday tastings available only in the 9-11 range

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Località Pian del Corso 1
19016 Monterosso al Mare (SP)