wine shop

Enoteca Internazionale is the oldest wine shop in the historic center of Monterosso offering tastings of Cinque Terre wine. Carefully and passionately managed by the Barbieri family. The enoteca offers a vast assortment of local, Italian and international wines and liquors. As well as a wide selection of extra virgin olive oils and other typical products of the Cinque Terre area. By reservation, Enoteca offers wine tastings led by the Enoteca’s professional sommeliers for individuals and groups. Enoteca has indoor and outdoor seating where guests may try delicious bruschette (including that one with the salted anchovies of Monterosso). Also an excellent selection of cheeses served with chutneys, as well as cold cuts, salads and traditional desserts.

As well as Cinque Terre wines crafted by artisanal producers, Enoteca’s selection includes over 500 wines from all over Italy and around the world.

Our guests can find excellent Chianti, Barolo, Nebbiolo and Sassicaia as well as Californian, South African and Australian wines. Some of which hard-to-find vintages or of limited production. Thanks to the expert recommendations of Valentina and Susy, the in-house sommeliers, our guests can sample rare and precious wines. The shop gives ample space to artisanal producers of Cinque Terre D.O.C. wine.

These small local producers constitute an important enological patrimony. Thanks to the elevated quality of their wine which, for obvious reasons is produced in extremely limited quantities. The Cinque Terre is an area very hard to cultivate and very few farmers have chosen to continue the exhausting efforts necessary to create our wine. With immense passion and backbreaking fatigue, the grape growers of the Cinque Terre are driven solely by their love for their land. From this commitment and labor, great wines that represent the best of Cinque Terre winemaking are born. These are wines with a strong personality- never bland- that remind us of the great Cinque Terre wines. Appreciated and celebrated by great historical figures from Petrarch to Bocaccio as well as more recently, the poet Eugenio Montale.

Our Enoteca boasts a tasting room large enough to seat groups of up to 22 people. We offer different formulas of tastings, lending a large amount of attention to the two typical wines of the Cinque Terre. These two wines are a dry white wine and a dessert wine made from dried grapes called Sciacchetrà. Along with the two Cinque Terre D.O.C. wines, we can add wines from the other two D.O.C. areas located within our province. These D.O.C. zones are Colline di Levanto and Colle di Luni. These zones produce white wines, obtained predominately from Vermentino grapes – notably the Vermentino of Luni – as well as red wines which are made principally with San Giovese grapes with the addition of other typical varietals of the area.

Via Roma, 62
19016 Monterosso al Mare (SP)