Davide Faravelli invented and put in place Pesto Lab Baico, a laboratory workshop in the village of Monterosso. Here the pesto is produced directly with the fresh basil of the hills overlooking the sea and the anchovies are caught in the waters of our sea.

Liguria and the Cinque Terre are ancient lands. In Liguria and in the Cinque Terre, still today, they continue to cook the ancient traditional dishes. Especially he word “pesto” encloses in itself the aroma, the colors and the atmosphere of Liguria.

Baico is a shop where the main products of the Cinque Terre find a place, such as oil, wine, sauces, olives, anchovies, hand-made pasta and so on. 

Those who can’t reach the shop, they will easily be able to supply these products refilling directly through the shop-online in our website.

Via Roma, 35
Monterosso al Mare (SP)