Clothing, information, correct rules of conduct even in the event of an alert, to better enjoy the experience of trekking to discover the cultural landscape of the Park.

DOWNLOAD the Pronti Attenti Trekking brochure in Italian, English, French and Chinese at the link

READY to discover the Cinque Terre National Park and its 130 km of trails? To do this in the right way, use the services for hikers made available by the Park Authority and adopt some good practices.

Check that you have the correct equipment, choose the route based on your abilities, check the weather conditions and accessibility to the trail.

Ask for the map at the Park’s Reception Centers or download the Cinque Terre Hiking Guide App.

Along the paths you need awareness, so ATTENTION to maintain correct behavior: respect the rules and signs for protecting yourself and the natural and agricultural context.

And now let’s go to the TREKKING experience, to interact with the vertical landscape of the Cinque Terre, its community and savor the mosaic of biodiversity from which typicality and excellent wines originate.