Since 1982, ours have been involved in the artisan craiing and decoration of ceramics in the Fabbrica d’Arte workshop, located in the hills just outside Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre. Ours are hands that, in almost 40 years of activity, have perfected every gesture, experimented, and made mistakes as well as discoveries this is why today we can offer you unique pieces with their own authentic personality. Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso is a project, an idea, a dream that takes shape every day. It is art, craftsmanship, dedication. In our laboratory five pairs of hands meet every day: those of Milla, Franz of Jenny and Diego, and finally those of Adele — daughter of Milla and Diego. Two whole families united by their passion for art, for craismanship and for their land. Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso is the result of this encounter two shops in Monterosso and a workshop not far from the town, where the sea and the mountains meet right in the heart of the Cinque Terre. Craftsmanshipis creativity: it is to pull out and form a meaning from a raw material. Our hands knead, shape, smooth, and color to create individual compositions that tell the story of the Cinque Terre through characteristic forms. Ours are original works, handmade one by one, which tell the identity of a territory: from the unmistakable «casotte» houses of the Cinque Terre to the sculptures that recall the anchovies and other fish that populate the sea in the area, without neglecting the elegant evergreen pieces which can enrich your table. If you like sincere, simple but not “run of the mill” things, you can take away something unique with you an authentic piece of local craistmanship from the Cinque Terre. Our hands never stay still: this idea of craismanship inspires us and requires continuous research and experimentation. The materials we are most fond of are porcelain, stoneware and terracotta: the clays, the colors and the glazes that we use are themselves the result of a long research and continuous improvement.

Via V. Emanuele, 27 - Via Roma, 9
19016 Monterosso Al Mare (SP)