Scientific snorkeling courses organized by the Park’s Environmental Education Center

Snorkeling or scientific activity? With the SeaTrek, an educational project conceived, implemented and conducted by the professionals of the Environmental Education Center of the Cinque Terre Park (CEA), you can practice both in a single solution.

Starting from June 27, 2022, the appointment with scientific snorkeling is back in the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area, with courses for children, teenagers and adults, organized by the CEA.

The formula is stimulating because snorkeling (observation of the seabed from the surface with fins, mask and snorkel – the tube with snorkel) meets marine biology, creating a fun and educational experience from multiple points of view.

An immersive way to study, understand and experience the sea by sharing the desire to protect the submerged heritage kept in the Cinque Terre.

Info +39 370.57790 per prenotazioni scrivere a