The paths

A large part of the success of the Cinque Terre is due to the network of paths which cover the sea side of the mountains like a web. For centuries the only connection not only between the five villages, but also with the municipality of La Spezia and the hinterland, were these routes which today are one of the best ways of getting to know and appreciating the Cinque Terre. The three main paths all reasonably easy for reasonably fit people, appropriately dressed are well marked by the section of the CAI of La Spezia with a red and white sign. The first is path number 1 which runs along the crest that separates the edge of the Val di Vara. The second is the path of the Santuari (Sanctuaries) which links halfway up the hill the places of worship of the respective villages. The third is path number 2, more well known as Sentiero Azzurro (blue path) which links up all the five villages. >> PATHS MAP <<


一号的山脊路(意大利语:Sentiero Alto)是一条古老的山路,可以追溯到古罗马时期,是一条沿着海滨与内陆的分水岭。总体路线始于西端的雷万托,终于东端的韦内雷港,大部分线路横跨五个村庄,长达四十公里,路途中有些地方高达八百米,有着高度误差1300米左右的峭壁。山脊路与通向海边、首府及瓦拉山谷的许多下坡路相交叉,笔直洁净。虽然属于中等难度的山路,但是它仍然能够满足所有徒步爱好者的要求。您只需要具有锻炼的经验舒适的着装即可。走完全程至少需要耗时十个小时,最好将它分成几段路来完成,您可以在沿途的小吃店停歇休息。


Il sentiero n° 2, più noto come Sentiero Azzurro, è uno dei più apprezzati percorsi pedonali di tutta la penisola, sia perché non presenta particolari difficoltà, sia per gli scorci panoramici che regala alle migliaia di camminatori che lo percorrono in ogni stagione dell’anno.