Water sports

The Cinque Terre is an excellent sports camp. In this context the sea lies in first place of preferences of both inhabitants and tourists, thanks to numerous sites of great interest for those people passionate about snorkelling. On all the Franata di Corniglia, a real paradise of many fish, eels, lobsters and sponges.

Associazione Diving 5 Terre
via S. Giacomo snc – Riomaggiore
tel. +39 0187.920011 +39 339.8342798

Outdoor Portofino Kayak Tour
tel. +39 334.3290804

Seawatching is also a great success, an activity managed by the Marine Area with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the sea environment.

A sailing school is also available at Fegina, at the local Circolo Velico (Sailing School) which manages the small port to the west of Monterosso.


Circolo Velico Monterosso “Gino e Bebe De Andreis”
Via Fegina 13, Monterosso al Mare
tel. +39 0187.817484


If it is true that today in the Cinque Terre fishermen have almost all disappeared, ending an activity which in the past constituted a large earnings source, the passion for fishing has not vanished though since both inhabitants and tourists still find this to be an ideal environment for their hobby. At all times of the year in fact there are many passionate fishermen who populate the piers, beaches, bays and inlets or go out on their boats armed with fishing rods, fishing lines etc. The Park however impones lots of restrictive norms, authorising the exercise of various types of sportive fishing with different methods, depending on the area chosen, allowing however major or minor limits to fishermen, depending on if they are residents or non-residents of the Cinque Terre.


Other Sports

The paths of the Cinque Terre are not only walked along by hill walkers, but also by horse riding and mountain-biking fans.

The sport paragliding is available in Monterosso only in winter. Close to Soviore, infact a natural take-off runway exists situated in an area in which the sea currents lifting power is ideal for the flight which ends on Fegina beach.

Aero Club Albatros
tel: +39 349 0676701