In the Park, the green paths of land are reflected in the blue ones of the sea. The swimming lanes are back in the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area.

The swimming lanes, delimited by buoys connected by a clearly visible peak, starting from the villages of Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Manarola, following the profile of the coast: they allow you to dedicate yourself to exploring the beauties of the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area in safety, such as swimming and snorkeling. In Riomaggiore the route starts from the eastern corner of the Fossola beach up to Lama Crexia, extending for about 105 meters. In Manarola it starts from Punta Bonfiglio and reaches the beginning of the Corniglia beach and allows you to immerse yourself in the blue for about 320 m. In Vernazza the “blue lane” extends for about 345 m from Vernazza towards Monterosso al Mare, starting from the beach.