Cà dei Duxi is in a historic building: the rooms are the result of  particular architectural and structural features. Since 1998 the building has been owned by the Germano / Raffellini family and has been renovated and transformed into an Inn also taking advantage of European regional development contributions for the recovery of historic centers while maintaining their characteristics unaltered. Since Cà dei Duxi is in a historic building, the rooms obtained are the result of particular architectural and structural measures. The stairs are typically Ligurian and part of them are left with the exposed wall in the original local stone.

Opening from/to: From 24/04 to 10/10
Number of rooms: 6

Air conditioning, Bar, Garage, Fridge bar, Parking, Central heating, Restaurant, Television, Tv Sat

Allowed payments: cash, credit card (Visa - MasterCard), ATM

Via Colombo, 36/ Via Pecunia,19
19017 Riomaggiore (SP)